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Vice x Virtue Presents: SADGIRL T and her new collection "Sad Hours"

Born an immigrant, SADGIRL T is a Jalisco native who grew up in Gardena, California. At age 19 she relocated to Sacramento, California. While her interest in art began long before she moved, her new home played a major part.
SADGIRL T first experienced cultural art while in Elementary School. At the time, her late uncle, David Rizo, was incarcerated in the California State Prison. David spent his time writing letters which included elaborate Chicano style art. The drawings of Aztec warriors and cartoon-style cholo’s awakened SADGIRL T’s appetite for art.
Finding her style took time as she experimented with different mediums. The focus of her twenties was spent creating abstract art using acrylic paint. "I refer to it as adult finger painting, splatter art." SADGIRL T describes. After exploring various art styles, SADGIRL T found her place in line art. “It’s simple yet loud imagery,” she explains. "Minimalism is the core of my work. Clean images that convey a strong, yet subtle message.”
SADGIRL T attributes her life experiences to the art she creates. “It’s Life. The good, the bad, the in-between,” she says. Her newest art collection called Sad Hours was inspired by the various moments describe in its’ title. Sad, lonely, temporary moments that build and mold us all. “There is no growth without pain. I used my pain to fulfill my dreams and create art."

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