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A Glance into Astroworld | Travis Scott Poster

Many fans have begun to wonder if Travis Scott’s Solo Career will be taking a seat, momentarily While the presentation of Travis Scott’s new song duo with Kid Cudi “ The Scotts” was the feature of the Fortnite performance; it left many wondering, “What’s Next?”.


A glance into Astroworld captured on this Travis Scott Poster. Amid the clouds, with a touch of fantasy and a little unexpected chaos. This Tavis Scott Poster is inspired by the unique personality of the artist himself. The live performance on Fortnite took fans on an Astronomical driven tour in which fans were not left to their own devices. The Travis Scott experience was an immersion. As the adventure begins you become a pawn of Scott's world. Once a monster-of-a sized man on your TV screen. This Travis Scott Poster highlights the most mind- blowing part of the performance.

Before the Grand Premier of “The Scotts” fills your ears, you are first taken, or dragged. As The experience is no longer a choice! You are meant to be a part of the experience whether you want to or not. Through the world controlled by Scott himself. Soar heights and depths underwater, travel through the clouds, stopping somewhere in the galaxy. Then it drops, “The Scotts”. Talk continues as Travis Scott and Kid Cudi talk of future songs to come. “The Scotts” song reveals this duo has more to deliver. Travis Scott & Kid Cudi look to be dropping crumbs now with a bigger surprise yet to be revealed.

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