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The Office Poster that helps ease upcoming Netflix withdrawals.

The Office Poster helps ease upcoming Netflix withdrawals as access to the series becomes a new challenge.

Whether you’re newly addicted to The Office or on your fifteenth stretch of binge-watching; The Office Poster brings the witty documentary-style humor alive in any room of your home. Dunder Mifflin Paper is the employer you can’t stand. The place you hung around way longer than you should have. Yet, you keep coming back.

Our favorite characters return as The Office Poster displays the one-liners and ridiculously funniness that has helped us through a tiring day. Now more than ever, we need a space we feel comfortable and that makes us smile. Bringing comfort into our home holds a new significance.

There is a feeling of comfort and the absence of loneliness and vulnerability. It’s like stepping into a room and seeing a familiar face. The art on the wall sets the tone for space. The Office Poster recreates the funniest moments; alleviating stress and calming anxiety. The moment is relived. The magic of reading a quote or a line from an episode instantly evokes a deep chuckle. Wall art has the ability to transform an entire space.

Nine seasons, billions of minutes spent on reruns, and almost a decade later; The Office series continues to find a way to bring humor into our homes. In a world where threats we never imagined we would experience become reality; it paints a new perspective on life. The Office Poster brings back the very feeling that drew us into the show itself.

The employees at Dunder Mifflin Paper suffer at the hands of their unqualified boss Michael Scott. Yet, even despite the obvious mundaneness of their lives, the characters still try to better their situations. The Office Poster Collection by Vice X Virtue posters is original wall art that transforms bare walls into the hilarious gut-busting moments that we gladly relive each time we see them.

Starting January, The Office series will be a little more difficult to get our hands-on. While Netflix currently holds the rights to The Office, this is set to change. In future months we won’t be navigating to Netflix for our fix of The Office. NBC Universal’s is set to release their own streaming service which will hold exclusive streaming rights to the series.

The Office continues to available on Netflix through the end of 2020, giving those interested plenty of time to invest into watching or re-watching this heavily addictive series. While the average show runs about twenty minutes, it’s no wonder so many of us find ourselves spending countless hours watching The Office. The Office Poster takes our favorite character out of the twenty to forty minutes set aside for relaxation and allows them to enter our lives each time we pass a wall displaying art we love. Bring humor and happiness into every second and wall of your home with The Office Poster Collection from Vice X Virtue Posters.

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